Bottle Refill Service 

If you’re overdue a top up of our tasty tipple, why not try out our new bottle refill service? All you need to do is bring your original 70cl bottle to the distillery along with the cork and we’ll top it up from one of our 10 litre carboys. Not only will you be helping us to reduce waste, you’ll also save yourself £5 in the process! There’s no need to book or call in advance, just bring your empty bottle long with you next time you pop into the distillery and we’ll have your home bar restocked before you know it.

Refill Pricing:

George Bishop London Dry Gin – £34.00

Ranscombe Wild Small Batch Gin – £36.00

Sharp’s Toffee Liqueur – £25.00

Kipsi Rosé Gin – £37.00

Don’t Have A Bottle To Empty Yet?  

Shop our fine spirits below:

Ranscombe Wild Small Batch Gin

George Bishop London Dry Gin

Sharp’s Toffee Liqueur




We are reinstating the tradition of Maidstone pioneer and master distiller, George Bishop, who created quality and world-renowned spirits from our county town back in 1785. We are reclaiming our forgotten heritage to produce spirits of depth, meaning and character that we can all be proud of. He was a champion of the people and it’s time for his legacy to be tasted again.