Creating Ranscombe Wild Small Batch Gin

As passionate advocates for sustainability and protecting our environment, we wanted to create a spirit that captures the heart of the British countryside and celebrates our natural landscape.

Working with our charity partner, Plantlife, we identified a wide variety of distinctive and delicious wild botanicals that can be sustainably hand-foraged from their flagship nature reserve at Ranscombe Farm in Kent. These plants adorn our labels on Ranscombe Wild Small Batch Gin, lovingly hand-drawn by our co-founder Sam.

Sweet beech leaves, floral red clover and perfumed jasmine are balanced by the herby wild marjoram. A refreshing kick from zesty corn-mint brings a liveliness to this playful and bright gin, transporting you to summer meadows.

Each year, we invite our local community to join us in foraging the wild plants that make Ranscombe Wild Gin and to learn about Plantlife’s work at the Reserve. In 2023, we were joined by more people than ever before. We foraged for our wild botanicals, before enjoying a refreshing Ranscombe Wild Gin and Tonic in the sunshine! We can’t wait for this year’s Annual Community Foraging Event; we hope to tell you more about how you can get involved in the next few months.

Proudly supporting Plantlife – Speaking up for Wild Plants. We donate over 2.5% from the sales of Ranscombe Wild to support their important conservation work. You can learn more about our sustainability pledges here.

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Tasting Notes


playful floral notes that desecend into dark pine forest.


Juniper warmed with exotic tangerine and jasmine, backed by herby notes of bay and lavender with an explosion of fresh mint and meadow flowers.


Smooth long finish of spice, pepper and sweetness.

Our recipe


  • Juniper

    The central botanical to this contemporary take on a London Dry style. We source three kinds of juniper from three regions, each bringing its own distinct profile.

  • Exotic Tangerine and Bitter Orange

    We source our bitter orange solely from Spain, where they thrive in the glorious sunshine. The Tangerine adds an exciting and colourful sweetness.

  • Corn Mint

    This foraged beauty packs a vibrant punch of citrus and mint pulling you through meadow flowers and summer sun.

  • Wild Marjoram

    Bringing a unique herb element reminiscent of thyme, both warm and savoury.

  • Jasmine

    Deliciously exotic, this playful taste of the east brings wonderful floral notes 

origins of juniper
exotic botanicals




We are reinstating the tradition of Maidstone pioneer and master distiller, George Bishop, who created quality and world-renowned spirits from our county town back in 1785. We are reclaiming our forgotten heritage to produce spirits of depth, meaning and character that we can all be proud of. He was a champion of the people and it’s time for his legacy to be tasted again.