Here at the Maidstone Distillery we take your safety seriously and we want to re-assure you that we want to make your visit with us as safe and enjoyable as possible. With this in mind we have prepared the following guidance and information in line with the current rules and guidelines on the COVID-19 pandemic. Maidstone Distillery operates a risk management strategy that is under constant review. The information displayed below represents our most up to date advice to employees, visitors and customers.

1. You understand you should not visit the Distillery if you have any symptoms relating to Covid-19 or if you are self-isolating in accordance with government policy.

2. We actively support Employees, Visitors and Customers who wish to wear face coverings, though this is now not mandatory.

3. There are toilet facilities at the Distillery including disabled access. Please ensure that when using these facilities that you wash your hands and use the hand sanitiser that is provided.

4. No guests under the age of 18 are permitted on a tour.

5. At the beginning of our tours and experiences, visitors/customers will receive a short briefing on Covid measures including: the use of hand sanitisers, respecting social distancing where possible, supporting those who wish to wear a face covering.

6. With regards social distancing, there is no limit in terms of party size nor number of households, other than the normal capacity available for the event/experience.

7. Social distancing will be encouraged wherever possible.

8. Although not mandatory, we do encourage use of the NHS Test and Trace system. A QR Code for customers who wish to ‘check in’ and use the NHS Test and Trace system will be displayed at the front of the Distillery.

9. Hand sanitiser will be supplied at the reception area for individual use and at other locations throughout the Distillery. You understand hand sanitiser does not diminish the responsibility for good personal awareness and hygiene.

10. Our bar is table service only.

11. Where possible during our business hours we do ventilate our building by opening the front and rear doors to allow for flow of fresh air.

12. Employees regularly wash their hands with soap and water.

13. During each event session we sanitise all visitor accessible surfaces. The Distillery is also regularly cleaned by employees in accordance with our “Daily Cleaning Tasks Checklist”. This includes a regular and enhanced cleaning regime.

14. If there are questions or comments in relation to this advice and guidance please contact Maidstone Distillery by email on or by telephone on 01622 670063


We are reinstating the tradition of Maidstone pioneer and master distiller, George Bishop, who created quality and world-renowned spirits from our county town back in 1785. We are reclaiming our forgotten heritage to produce spirits of depth, meaning and character that we can all be proud of. He was a champion of the people and it’s time for his legacy to be tasted again.