Branding and Founding Members’ Club

Following the really successful work to our branding we were delighted to launch our Founding Members club. Thank you for the incredible support that has been shown. This club is a truly unique way to be involved with the Distillery and also to help raise important funds.

Welcome to our sixth newsletter and to those who have joined us recently as well as our existing readership, thank you for all your support and encouragement. The Maidstone Distillery community continues to grow from strength to strength. You are a huge part of this Distillery and we are delighted to have you by our side.

Our Distillery Brand

Our Brand work for the Distillery has finished and we are delighted with the result. The image of our logo was hand crafted and represents George Bishop of 1785. George is dressed in authentic costume of the period and appears to us in a doorway with his hand holding his hat aloft, to greet us today, in the 21st century. George was a huge inspiration to us, he was a skilled Master Distiller who produced exceptional spirits of quality and class. He and his family members contributed richly to the story of Maidstone and served their community. His image embodies all of these positive qualities and projects them into the here and now. The name Maidstone Distillery is a reference to the distilleries of the past, and a celebration of our county town. The dates represent the start of the story with George Bishop and the date we picked up the story in 2018. The colours we chose are inspired by our work with oxidised copper. Copper plays such an important part in the distillation process and has done for hundreds of years. We love it so much we chose to work with local artist Baden Art to create a unique piece for the Distillery that will help celebrate the Founding Members names for many years to come. The colours of oxidised copper feature in our new company colours. 

What Next

We now move onto the development of our initial three products. Each with its own story and identity. We can’t wait to tell you more.

Our Premises and Still

We are working hard with RAP Interiors to create a truly inspiring setting for the Distillery. The location of the Market Buildings puts us right in the heart of historical Maidstone and feels like a great setting for us. We are expecting a decision on our planning application during the second week of July, and hope to begin the refurbishment work by the end of the same month. We plan to use the natural brick, metal work, copper and timber to create an industrial look but with some premium special touches that will make the bar feel special.

The construction of the Spirit Still and all our associated tankage will finish toward the end of this month and then it will begin its long sea journey to the United Kingdom. DYE has a world class reputation for manufacturing Distillation equipment and we are sure you are as excited as we are to see it.  

Join Our Founding Members’ Club

Our Founding Members’ Club is all about giving you the opportunity to support and be a part of this Distillery. To make your mark literally on this positive and lasting legacy. The club will give members a special status in our hearts and a chance to contribute to this exciting venture. There is Pride in our Spirit.

The Founding Members’ Club will:

  • Give members the chance to be part of the Distillery and to contribute to something special;
  • Offer some unique benefits and only be available to purchase before we open;
  • Will raise important funds and awareness.  

Whether you are a drinks enthusiast, a believer in creating community spirit and identity or just love what we are trying to do, this Founding Members’ Club is a chance to be part of something special. 

Founding Members Events

We have already planned our first three Founding Member events, details of which are in the Founding Member pack, and there will be lots more. All Founding Members registered before 14th June will be entered automatically into our first prize draw to join Darren and Sam, to learn about our partners, our contemporary gin and help forage with our partners for ingredients.

Our Story and Social Media

It’s our best intention to keep you up to date and interested via our social media, so that you can follow the unique journey of our business start-up. This newsletter is the best way to stay informed and you can check out previous issues of our newsletter on our Website blog. 

Thanks once again for coming along on our journey. Please help spread the word of Maidstone Distillery and feel free to contact us at any time.

Maidstone Distillery

Pride In Our Spirit Since 1785.