… Right here in fact … Nothing particularly unique, our home office.

My wife and I both left work two months earlier. We both felt we needed a fresh challenge, a new start, to do something more nourishing. We had accrued a small amount of savings, a place we called home and three beautiful children.

I have always been a fan of a drink or two, I’ve enjoyed vineyard Tours in places like Bordeaux – France, Mendoza – Argentina, the distilleries of Scotland. I loved the connection I felt through the process of visiting the distillery where these drinks were made, learning not just about the process, as fascinating as this was, but also to see the equipment, the locations, the people, to learn the legends; to drink in deep the story of how that spirit had come to pass. I would of course enjoy the drink all the more partnered with the experience I had enjoyed, and to the connection I had made.

I admired these places and people for the gift they had passed on, for the contribution they were making. They didn’t feel like production plants, or factory lines, you could feel the love and passion that went into their craft. Even then I would day-dream and get lost in the tales in these distilleries.

… could we do that, could we create a Distillery here in Maidstone …