Welcome to Maidstone Distillery’s first Newsletter!

Firstly… thank you for subscribing to our newsletter and for the words of encouragement and support, it is appreciated. This Distillery will have its roots in the community, it will create spirits of character and quality, and it’s being inspired by you.

What’s new? So our team is building. We have teamed up with consultant and Master Distiller Gerard Evans, a man of good judgement and resource, but above all exceptionally good at what he does. Excited by our products and their story, Gerard will assist in the set up of the distillery and product development, together we will create spirits of world renown. We will be starting with Gin, but have one eye on a full range of spirits that we will make. We are a Distillery, and won’t be rushed, you can be assured that quality is one of our driving virtues, but that is followed closely by innovation.

Our venue? Lots of supporters have been asking where will we be. Well, we would like to keep a little mystery for now, but suffice to say we will be located in the Maidstone town centre and in a beautiful building. We want our surroundings to welcome and entice you to stay, we also want to be easy for everyone to reach.

£100 voucher to spend at Maidstone Distillery when we open?…Let’s have some fun in time for the New Year. Send/post a short video to Maidstone Distillery on our social media telling us in less than 20 words what Maidstone Distillery means to you, or what you want it to do, or what you want us to sell. It could be ideas for spirits, your favourite cocktail, wishing us luck for the New Year, you decide, just keep it clean and related to Maidstone Distillery. The winner will be the most catchy and interesting post. We will announce who’s won on New Years Eve, and the clips could end up part of our promotional video and social media story. 

Finally we are thrilled to be announcing our “Founding Members Club” and some very exciting promotions that will only be available before we open. The Club will allow members to purchase a bottle from the very first batches of spirit to be made by Maidstone Distillery in almost 100 years, and each one will be signed by the Distillery owner. There will also be an opportunity to get your name on the wall of the Distillery, literally. We will be designing and commissioning a large attractive copper art form which will spell the words “Maidstone Distillery” in our Founding Members’ Names. This art form will take a very prominent place in our Distillery for many years to come and will serve as a poignant reminder of our origins. 

Thanks once again for coming along on our journey, please help spread the word of Maidstone Distillery, and feel free to contact us at any time.

Maidstone Distillery

There’s Pride in our Spirit.