You are part of the Maidstone Distillery community and we are delighted to have you by our side.

What’s new? So, matters are progressing with regard to our premises. We have an outline agreement which is being finalised with solicitors and we have also begun our consultation with the local authority regarding the use of the building and some alterations we would like to make. Essentially the building offers a beautiful space; open plan with high ceilings which is perfect for our equipment. Our spirit still will have high rectifying columns as well as a large copper pot still and we want to give it a prominent place where everyone can see it. Our vision for the property is that as well as a working Distillery, visitors will be able to learn about the heritage of distilling in Maidstone, and we have a number of interesting items which we will display. You will also be able to complete spirit making experiences, as well as mixology classes, and you will be able to tour the site to learn about us and what we do. We plan to open the distillery first, offering tours, and a shop, followed by the experiences. Once we’ve settled into production we will open the bar.

We always knew that the Distillery had to be somewhere easy to get to, that people could drop by easily to see what we were up to, to browse the shop, to relax in the bar, as well as being part of a night out or planned event. We are not keeping it’s location a secret, we want to shout out where we will be, but until it’s all finalised we aren’t able to. Rest assured you will be the first to find out.

Our Founding Members’ Club is shaping up; we have a local artist designing a large and wonderful piece of copper inspired art that will stand as a monument to those who helped establish the Distillery. There will also be a special limited edition bottle of gin ran from our first batches with a limited edition label signed by the Distillery owner. This will represent the first spirits to be distilled by Maidstone Distillery in almost 100 years. The club will also offer early bird and sometimes special access to events and promotions as well as discounts on products and services. 

More ways to get involved. Once we release the Founding Members’ Club we will be launching one such special promotion; a competition whereby up to 3 lucky Founding Members will be invited to join one of our panels as we taste, critique and select the initial gins. That’s right, how exciting, you can have a place on the tasting panel that helps finalise our recipe development and product selection!

Our Still. Together with Gerard, our Master Distiller we have begun to finalise our still design. This impressive and very attractive piece with copper and stainless steel will be able to make a full range of spirits from gin, vodka, rum, whiskey, liqueurs, brandy, eau de vies as well as flavoured spirits. In time we will tell you more about the exciting product ideas we have. The ways in which we want our spirits to connect with the community, to reach into the landscape and environment, and that in some small way can help give back.

Wishing us all a healthy and prosperous New Year ahead. 

Thanks once again for coming along on our journey. Please help spread the word of Maidstone Distillery and feel free to contact us at any time.

Maidstone Distillery

There’s Pride In Our Spirit.